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Exhausting to Digest Meals: Are You Prepared for Some Surprises?

By: Julie Mancuso, B.A., R.H.N., JM Diet

On this submit you’ll discover a record of meals which can be laborious to digest and the underlying the explanation why.

Some meals are laborious to digest, pure and easy. It’s additionally a reality that the majority of us expertise some type of digestive downside at one level or one other, regardless of how sturdy the digestive system. For many people, the digestive misery is commonly brought on by the meals we eat. A few of these are well-known whereas others will shock.


My Private Wrestle with Digestion

Lowering digestive misery is of course necessary to me professionally, but additionally personally as a result of I struggled with all types of gastro-intestinal issues the higher a part of my grownup life. It was the first cause why I made a decision on a profession in diet over fifteen years in the past. You may examine how my very own well being issues led to my turning into a nutritionist right here.

In all honesty, I nonetheless discover meals digestion difficult at instances, but it surely certain has gotten higher since I improved my very own consuming habits. 

Due to my digestive issues, I’ve discovered—from intensive analysis, private expertise, and the expertise of my shoppers—an incredible deal about what meals are laborious to digest and that are extra benign.

When digestive hassle strikes, it will probably depart us annoyed, usually making it tough to find out the basis causes. To not point out, the grumbling, churning and basic discomfort can typically make it laborious to take pleasure in life, particularly meals. 



Nicely, the answer may be discovered within the meals we eat, the evaluation of which ought to be the primary plan of action to take when affected by digestive misery.

Everyone knows that if we eat massive quantities of fatty, greasy, fried, salty or candy meals, we’re prone to set off some type of digestive discomfort, various from slight churning in some to debilitating cramps and ache in others.

However different, much less apparent laborious to digest meals exist, ones which might vastly upset the digestive system, inflicting seemingly inexplicable rumbling, pains and a typically uncomfortable existence.  



Uncooked Onions

Uncooked onions might be laborious to digest, for some.

Moreover leaving you with that pungent and to some, repugnant onion-breath, the ensuing fuel and basic digestive discomfort could be a nuisance. Others can burp and bloat shortly after ingesting onions of their uncooked type.

Onions are laborious to digest largely as a result of they include fructans, which aren’t absorbed properly within the small gut. In truth, as fructans ferment, they will trigger quite a lot of digestive misery within the type of bloating, fuel and diarrhea. I like to recommend avoiding uncooked onions in case your digestive system is delicate, particularly in case you have a scorching date.

Learn extra about which meals include fructans on this article from Healthline.

For those who’re simply not ready to surrender these beloved uncooked onions and will need to have them in your burger or sandwich, attempt lowering the portion and see if the disagreeable signs go away.

Cooking the onions may additionally scale back the severity of the talked about signs, so you possibly can do this as properly.

Moreover, taking digestive enzymes could assist to alleviate a few of these gastrointestinal disturbances brought on by uncooked onions. Probiotics might be of help on this space as properly. 

When contemplating taking dietary supplements, it’s all the time a good suggestion to hunt the assistance of a professional practitioner who might help you choose the correct digestive enzymes. Please don’t take it upon your self to take action.


Uncooked Fruits and Greens

And also you thought all vegetables and fruit had been good for you…

Nicely, they little question are, for various causes.

Some folks, nevertheless, expertise gastrointestinal issues when sure vegetables and fruit are digested, one thing that’s usually omitted from lists of laborious to digest meals.

Fruit and veggies, nevertheless, could trigger digestive agitation.

Some vegetables and fruit include an insoluble fiber—a fiber that doesn’t dissolve in water. Whereas such fiber has the advantage of passing via an individual’s system quite rapidly, taking different meals with it, and thereby serving to to wash out your system, it will probably additionally irritate the partitions of your colon within the course of, inflicting discomfort and even ache.

Particularly, I encourage limiting some greens (extra on that later) and the skins of vegetables and fruit as they are often more durable to digest.

Once more, one of the simplest ways to inform if these are the culprits chargeable for your digestive issues is to maintain a meals log the place you observe the eaten meals and the way they made you are feeling shortly consumption for at the very least every week. For those who discover that your digestive system reacts properly to vegetables and fruit, then transfer on to the following meals merchandise on the record.


Cabbage and Cruciferous Greens

Whereas cruciferous greens reminiscent of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower have various necessary vitamins wanted by people, additionally they include indigestible sugars. In consequence, many individuals expertise fuel, flatulence, belching and basic belly discomfort after ingesting these.

Devour in small portions when you suspect these to irritate the signs.

Needless to say cruciferous greens are a lot simpler on the digestive system when cooked quite than when eaten uncooked. If cooking does little to avert the talked about aches and pains, attempt to get rid of them altogether to see when you really feel the distinction. 



Even though it incorporates a great deal of the required, wholesome fibre, which all of us want to advertise digestive motion and to maintain us full for longer, corn additionally has one other kind of fibre known as cellulose—one thing people have a tough time breaking down.

The tip end result: belly ache and fuel.

For those who’re going to eat corn, chew completely to assist digestion.



For a while now dairy has been more and more recognized as probably laborious to digest. It’s necessary to do not forget that dairy doesn’t adversely have an effect on all folks, just some. It additionally impacts folks in various levels, so it might be laborious to digest for you however not your beloved.

Moreover, dairy incorporates lactose, which isn’t simply damaged down by the digestive system.

As you little question know, some folks have a whole intolerance to lactose and may change into severely sick upon its consumption. The remainder of us, then again, may expertise some fuel and bloating, the depth and frequency of which might fluctuate from individual to individual.

Some individuals who scale back their dairy consumption, expertise speedy enchancment on this space.

I extremely advocate paying heed to how you are feeling instantly after ingesting any dairy product.

Preserving a meals log that lists how you are feeling after sure meals are eaten might help you to determine a possible sample. This is applicable to any ingested meals, not simply dairy.

As soon as a sample is acknowledged, you possibly can attempt to restrict the laborious to digest meals or get rid of it altogether, if want be.


Spicy Meals

There’s a cause why for hundreds of years the Europeans coveted spices like valuable stones. With out them, meals might be bland and, in some circumstances, barely edible. Spices are utilized by all cultures, and are so nice in quantity that the majority of us aren’t even accustomed to a lot of them.

Spices, nevertheless, could influence extra than simply the flavour of your meals. Whereas some folks don’t appear to be negatively affected upon the ingestion of spices, others are usually not as fortunate and discover them laborious to digest.

The matter is difficult even additional by the truth that some persons are solely affected by sure spices, and never others. You’ll must gauge this your self by protecting an in depth eye on how your individual physique reacts.

The very fact is that spices are identified to annoy the liner of the esophagus, making them laborious to digest, and as such, ought to be consumed in small quantities by individuals who expertise digestive issues.



Sorbitol, a sugar-alcohol, is a synthetic sweetener usually present in sugar-free gum and various different sweets discovered at your neighbourhood grocery store.

Sorbitol takes a very long time to digest and should trigger fuel construct up in consequence, significantly in those that are inclined to numerous digestive situations.

As well as, chewing gum itself could cause you to swallow a considerable amount of air, resulting in trapped fuel and doable discomfort and even ache, making the issue worse.

Learn extra about Sorbitol from everydayhealth.com.


Acidic Meals

Briefly, meals reminiscent of tomatoes, oranges and lemons have been discovered to extend acid reflux disorder. As such, they need to be restricted in case you have digestive troubles.

Extra on acid reflux disorder from besthealthmag.ca.


Processed Meals

Processed meals are packaged meals that aren’t of their pure type. These meals are sometimes loaded with components, preservatives, flavourings and different chemical compounds. Additionally they include sodium and often, white flour. Most of such meals are missing the required fibre for correct digestion, and subsequently trigger constipation, making them laborious to digest.

Getting ready meals from scratch and consuming them of their most pure type is extremely really helpful. That is an efficient manner of eliminating the components present in processed meals as the reason for your digestive disturbances.



We’ve all heard the previous saying that beans are laborious to digest and trigger flatulation. Though we have to dismiss most of the diet previous wives’ tales as they’re merely outdated and have since been confirmed to be misconceptions, this one is basically true.

Why are beans laborious to digest?

Beans include a posh sugar known as oligosaccharide that human can not digest with out the assistance of digestive enzymes. 

Even though they’re ample in fibre and excessive in protein, that are each important for a wholesome diet, the talked about sugar could cause digestive upset. When it enters the digestive system, it creates fuel, which might be fairly disagreeable for a lot of.

That isn’t to say you need to strike beans out of your diet of their entirety, however eat sparingly when you’re hypersensitive. 


Meats with Casing

Meats reminiscent of sausages are wrapped in casing, which might be laborious to digest for some. That is very true if the casing is synthetic quite than pure. 


Citrus Juices

Stunned to see citrus juices on the record of laborious to digest meals? Most individuals are.

Citrus juices, nevertheless, can irritate the abdomen and trigger discomfort in people who find themselves prone to digestive issues reminiscent of acid reflux disorder, usually aggravating such signs. Pay shut consideration and see if juice is accountable.


Carbonated Drinks

This one will not be a lot of a shock.

The overwhelming majority of carbonated drinks aren’t good for general well being anyway. However being acidic in nature, carbonated drinks additionally distend the abdomen, inflicting discomfort in some. Plain and easy. Keep away from.



Along with the various hostile results of commonly consuming alcohol in important quantities, sure alcoholic drinks reminiscent of beer have been identified to set off fuel in some folks—a reality that isn’t broadly identified by the final inhabitants.

Ingesting alcohol can even inflame the liner of the abdomen, stopping vitamins from being correctly absorbed by your system.

As well as, alcohol dehydrates the physique. This lack of correct water consumption in itself can result in constipation, discomfort and ache. Sadly, the bottoms up could make your digestive system backside out, so pay heed.

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Gluten might be tough for some to digest, not simply celiacs—as I’ve written earlier than. It’s possible you’ll also have a sensitivity to it and never comprehend it. 

The standard suspects right here might be breads, pastas and cereals. However there are some much less apparent meals that may additionally include a good quantity of gluten: beer, sure sauces, dressings and processed meals, and as such, shouldn’t be discounted when attempting to restrict gluten consumption.

It’s necessary to understand that not all folks could expertise troublesome signs after ingesting gluten, however its discount ought to be thought-about if stricken by ongoing digestive issues. 



The record I supply right here is on no account an unique one, however extra of a sweeping guideline. Among the meals to which I listed could also be frequent data, however the others not a lot. And these are sometimes those that folks are likely to overlook when attempting to pinpoint the causes of their digestive troubles.

For those who’re a sufferer who’s searching for solutions, I strongly encourage you to begin with a discount or elimination of the above meals. Take a look at the record, comply with the ideas, observe how you are feeling and uncover for your self. That’s the one certain manner of understanding what impacts you as a person. 

As all the time, I encourage everybody to hunt the assistance of a skilled skilled within the course of to information you alongside, providing perception and help. Digestive issues might be overwhelming and exasperating—one thing with which I can actually empathize, and as such, they require consideration.

For those who discovered this text informative, or know anybody affected by any kind of digestive downside who may discover this info helpful, please move it alongside.


Julie Mancuso is a registered holistic Toronto nutritionist who has been counseling shoppers for over 15 years. Julie’s personalised strategy has helped 1000’s attain their well being, wellness and diet targets.

Julie commonly lends her experience to quite a lot of well being publications reminiscent of Livestrong, Enterprise Insider, MyFitnessPal, Toronto Star, Elle Journal and plenty of extra. For extra info, see In The Press.

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