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Sugar has been a hot subject in the news for a though now. There has been the controversial sugar tax, in which I personally am incredibly keen to see how productive it is. Public Overall health England (PHE) set out new sugar guidelines in 2015, exactly where folks more than 11 years of age ought to be possessing no much more than 30g a day of added sugars. This is significantly less for young children ages 7-10 years at 24g and even significantly less for these four-six years at 19g.  5 % of our power only ought to come from added sugars.

It is not just the buyers PHE has also set targets for the meals sector. By 2020 just about every sector of the meals sector that contributes to the leading foods that present young children with the most sugar requires to lessen the sugar content material by 20%. This could be by means of reformulation, lowering portion sizes or shifting customer buy to low or no sugar choices.

These, in theory, are amazing and currently, in my basic practice, I am advising my sufferers to lessen their sugar intake. I’m complete of tips switch to diet drinks, cook from scratch, fewer biscuits, cakes and sweets and Greek Yoghurt alternatively of fruit yoghurt. Normally a lot easier stated than performed but am I truly practising what I preach with my personal young children? Are these suggestions uncomplicated to advise on as dietitians but tougher to comply with as a parent?