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This week, we celebrate the prosperous Weight loss of Allison Hurcum

Here’s her story:

A week ago these days Matthew and I tied the knot 🙂 I promised to send some pictures by way of of the day for the group so right here they are 🙂

I felt like a lovely bride 38kg down, so thank you WLSA!


Obtaining battled my weight for most of my life, getting married in a size 14 wedding dress was a dream come correct. I felt lovely on the day and was capable to put on the dress of my dreams which I would not have had the courage to at my highest weight of 125kg and a size 22.


I haven’t completed losing weight as but, but for the 1st time ever I really feel like I will be capable to get to my purpose weight and to keep there.


Having my sleeve was the finest factor I’ve carried out for myself and I haven’t had a second of regret. I want I had carried out this year’s ago!


From the WLSA Psychologist:

Huge congratulations Allison! So fantastic to see you hunting so satisfied on your particular day and that beautiful dress fitting you so beautifully. I know you worked challenging to accomplish these superb benefits that are not only paying off for you on your wedding day but for the rest of your life moving forward.

Leslie Hartley, Psychologist of WeightLoss Options Australia

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*Disclaimer: Final results may well differ for every single individual

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